notunBranded Group Limited was formed in 2019 to be an incubator for transformational initiatives across multiple high potential, high growth sectors.
notunBranded Group will execute on an "accelerator-plus" model, ensuring initiatives are delivered at speed for maximum value impact.

notunBranded Life

CBTEACH™ is a transformational wellbeing framework model.
A 3 session programme of interactive workshops will enable users to achieve empowered wellbeing through education and enabling.

notunBranded Make

notunBranded Play

notunBranded Tech

RAPTOR™ is a personal transport solution for the urban generation.

CombiDRYV™ is a radical redesign approach for modern automotives to propel EV based vehicles into the 21st century and beyond.

notunBranded Grow

Nubis Energy is reimagining clean technology through the intelligent utilisation of lunar gravity (tidal energy) and terra gravity (gravitational potential / kinetic energy). Smart Engineering solutions will deliver the breakthrough for the 2nd energy transition from zero carbon to free energy.

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