notunBranded Group Limited was formed in 2019 to be an incubator for transformational initiatives across multiple high potential, high growth sectors.
notunBranded Group will execute on an "accelerator-plus" model, ensuring initiatives are delivered at speed for maximum value impact.

notunBranded Life

CBTEACH™ is a transformational wellbeing toolkit based on self awareness and self care.
A programme of seminars and experiential workshops will enable users to achieve empowered wellbeing through education and enabling.

notunBranded Make

notunBranded Play

notunBranded Tech

RAPTOR™ is a personal transport solution for the urban generation.

CombiDRYV™ is a radical redesign approach for modern automotives to propel EV based vehicles into the 21st century and beyond.

notunBranded Grow

Nubis Energy is reimagining clean technology.

notunBranded Give